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Amanda Bernstein
Full Name Amanda Elizabeth Bernstein
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 3, 1996 (age 17)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Family Mel Bernstein (mother)

Karl Bernstein (father)
Wyatt Bernstein (brother)
Cleo Bernstein (sister)
Jasmine Bernstein (sister)
Crash (brother)

First Episode Crash Lands
Portrayed By Oana Gregory

Amanda Elizabeth Bernstein is one of Wyatt and Crash's three sisters. She's the hot and popular older sister of Wyatt and Crash. She is the oldest one and in the episode Crash Lands she was the one who chose that Wyatt would build a doll as his birthday present (which turned out to be Crash). Amanda is in high school as it is stated in the episode where Crash goes to school. She does not like Crash and wants to get rid of him.


Amanda first appeared in, Crash Lands, for Wyatt Bernstein's 12th birthday party at Build-A-Bestie. Amanda is also popular over town since when she was a baby she fell down a sewer.


  • In the episode Comic Book Crash, Oana Gregory, who plays Amanda, does her Mika voice from her early appearance in Kickin It.
  • Pesto  has a crush on Amanda.
  • Amanda is a cheerleader

Every questions a dollar? AMANDA: Yes, dollar
Amanda Bernstein to Pesto

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