Meow meow I kitty puuuuuuur


Cat Crash is a furry.

Appearance Edit

Cat Crash's appearance is somewhat like Crash's. He is purple and wears the same shirt as Crash, but has a tail, green eyes, whiskers, a black nose, and cat ears. The hair he sheds and the hairballs he coughs up are purple.

Crashus Maximus Edit

After Crash is struck by lightning, he develops several personalities, including his cat form. When Wyatt asks Southern Millionaire Crash how many different forms of him there are, lighting strikes and he turns into Cat Crash, who rubs up next to Wyatt. A few seconds later, Jasmine walks into the room and notices the cat, and shouts "Kitty! Yay!" right in front of him, turning him back into Caveman Crash. Jasmine says "Not kitty..." and runs out while Caveman Crash tries to club her.

Later on, after Wyatt finds out that the lighting fried Crash's circuit and had to order him a new chip, Cat Crash is playing with a large ball of yarn on the couch with Jasmine, who tells him he is her new best friend. Mel comments she is glad Jasmine finally got a cat to play with, though they may have to get him declawed. Jasmine gets up and says that she is bored of him now, then goes into the kitchen. Mel admits that Cat Crash is kind of adorable, then sits on the couch in Jasmine's place and lets him cuddle on her lap, while he also sheds on one of the blouses she is folding. Mel claims that this his the grossest thing about cats, when Cat Crash coughs up a hairball next to her.

Jasmine playing with Cat Crash on the couch

Jasmine playing with Cat Crash on the couch

Cat Crash is seen one more time near the end when Crash is getting his new chip in at the Build-A-Bestie clinic and has a dream where him and his other personalities are sitting at the kitchen table with Amanda, giving her boy advice. After hearing the nonsensical advice from the others, Amanda asks Cat Crash for his opinion, and he replies by coughing a hairball onto the table. Amanda says that is disgusting, but it made more sense than what the other forms of Crash told her.