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This airs July 1 2014. and this season was consisten of 26 episodes.


1.7/1/14 The pilot                                                         

2.7/2/14 The Drum stick                                                                   

Season 1



Permerie Episode:

The pilot

Permerie Date:

July 1 2014

Final Episode:

The play's

Final Date:

July 28 2014




Season 2

3.7/3/14 Our Lemonda stanma

4. 7/6/14 The cooler Girl at schhol

5. 7/7/14 The fireworks

6. 7/8/14 on the team

7. 7/9/14  Hey hey hey

8. 7/10/14 The time travel

9. 7/11/14 The man beast

10. 7/12/14 Diner dater

11. 7/13/14 Time to cheat

12. 7/14/14  Spoiler To page

13. 7/15/14 Cats out of the house

14. 7/16/14 Dance dance resalution

15. 7/17/14 The food kart 

16. 7/18/14  Ice cream truck

17. 7/19/14 Freaky vacation

18.  7/20/14  Internet virus

19. 7/21/14 Coust gaurd

20. 7/22/14 Nap time Lines

21. 7/23/14 We are so gronded

22. 7/24/14  The Game show

23. 7/25/14 Video gronded

24. 7/26/14 The Captian

25. 7/27/14 The normal

26. 7/28/14 The play's


​Main castEdit

Zoie Hills as Chloe

Amanda baxter as Marisa

Zendaya as Amy

Dilon sprose as Dilon

Keemden carson as Camron

Recrruing cast Edit

Sawyer Malbury as Mrs.ducksberry

Sara Leigh as Marisa #2

Shelby Mcmillin as Amy #2

Maya Reese as Sabrina

Ava Kohler as  Avery

Geust castEdit

Stephen fuller as Mr.james

Avery Wofler as Cyd

Elizabeth moner as Mrs.huggins

Jack Moner as Marion

Specail Geust starsEdit

Phil Lewis as Judge #2

Sofia carson as Trudy 

Peyton list as Elliot

Trivia Edit

This season will Have some specail Stars.

This season was consisten of 26 episodes.


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