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This season Airs October 6 2014.This season was consisten of 20 episodes.


1. 10/6/14  a dark and foggy night                                                              

Season 2



Permerie Episode:

A dark foggy night

Permerie Date:

October 6 2014

Final Episode:

I quiet

Final Date:

October 25 2014


Season 1


Season 3

2. 10/7/14  The Medaling homework

3. 10/8/14 First date dance

4. 10/9/14  Back on vacation with freinds

5. 10/10/14 The Dating horres

6. 10/11/14  want in world

7. 10/12/14 There is Prizes

8. 10/13/14  Beware of the dog

9. 10/14/14  We need reapers

10. 10/15/14 The first kiss

11. 10/16/14 The haunted toys

12. 10/17/14  The Dancers

13. 10/18/14  The Onliner

14. 10/19/14 The ealthy pepole

15. 10/20/14 The new teacher

16. 10/21/14 The Love toss

17. 10/22/14 The Monius

18. 10/23/14 The sales girl

19. 10/24/14 Your shame

20. 10/25/14  I quiet


Main cast Edit

Zoie hills as Marion

Terra mikkena as Jessie

Tyler James as Nicoloe 

Malkeburry as Amy

Recrruing castEdit

Molly Marion as Emma

Hudson micheals as Super Man #1

Bill hater as Super man #2

Amy Beker as Isadora

Geust castEdit

G huneluies as Kamron

Peyton Keyes as Peyton

Karl Fink as Judge 3#

Specail geust castEdit

Rowan blancard as Marry


This season was the least season.

This season was consisten of 20 episodes.

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