(grunts) Nice cave. Who you? Actually, me no care. Me club you now!
— Caveman Crash to Wyatt, Crashus Maximus

Caveman Crash after being startled by a lightbulb.

Caveman Crash is one of Crash's alter egos who appears in the episode Crashus Maximus and makes a cameo appearance at the end of Merry Crashenfest. He behaves and dresses like an average caveman. He doesn't speak English too well, draws cave paintings on the apartment walls, and relies mostly on instinct, having not uncovered the power of common sense. He was the second form of Crash that Crash became.

He somehow returned for Crash's Crashenfest party.


Caveman Crash is not very smart, as he is a caveman, and, like Crash, causes destruction everywhere he goes. He was able to give Amanda advice on dating, telling her how to speak to boys (by grunting). He seems to be startled by lights, as if they are a curse. He can't speak normal English, and skips words frequently.


Caveman Crash is not very bright and gets startled by light. He is just like average Crash, with the exception of being more destructive and primitive. He likes to get into trouble, and has history with volcanoes.

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