It's four against one, but now... it's four against AWESOME.
Crash in one of the episodes
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Full Name Purple Kermit
Nickname(s) Crash
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 8, 2012 (age 4)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark Brown
Family Mel Bernstein (mother)
Wyatt Bernstein(brother/best friend)
Amanda Bernstein (sister)
Cleo Bernstein (sister)
Jasmine Bernstein (sister)
Karl Bernstein (father)
First Episode Crash Lands
Portrayed By Tim Lagasse

Crash Alexander Bernstein is the protagonist of Crash & Bernstein. He is a living puppet and a purple Whatnot with many interesting abilities such as eating sandwiches the size of basketballs and eating a watermelon with a straw, and he comes with ninja weapons, such as ninja swords and a small cannon. In fact, Crash was born with his ninja sword in his pocket. Crash was created by Wyatt Bernstein and then came to life. Crash is a extreme, crazy, loud, and daredevilish puppet. Crash, apparently becomes Wyatt's adoptive brother. Crash also bathes in the toilet because he doesn't like going in public pools because of what kids do in there. Crash "faceslams" people that he loves, especially Wyatt as it is when Crash slams his head into the other people's head. Crash uses himself as a basketball. Crash can't spell, milkshakes go right through him. His eyes were the inspiration for ping pong balls, as said in a promo. Crash watches a lot of television and wrestling. Once when he was struck by lightning, which caused him to gain multiple personalites, like Cat Crash, Caveman Crash, Southern Millionaire Crash, Gladiator Crash, and Chef Crash. He has been in every episode along with Wyatt.



Wyatt and Crash gets along well although he usually thought the same as his sisters that Crash is annoying and crazy, even though they maintained good family relationships. As he is loud and funny, he always liven up things which usually made people around him laughs (especially Wyatt) or made them furious.

Crash Shame...


Amanda is popular and fashionable by her looks, and shows a dislike (not hate) feeling to him and Wyatt himself. Even so, they still love each other as a loving family.


  • Crash is in love with a doll Jasmine owns called Princess Glitter.
  • Crash likes mayonnaise.
  • Crash hates baths.
  • Crash created a holiday called Crashenfest.

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