“Crash Is Having a Baby”
Season 2, Episode 3
Crash is Having a Baby
Air Date

October 21, 2013


Jim Armogida
Steve Armogida
Natalie Barbrie
Tim Brenner
Eric Friedman
David Kemker
Mike Larsen
Jon Ross


Sean Mulcahy

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Trash & Bernstein

Crash Is Having a Baby is the third episode of Season 2 and the 29th episode of Crash and Bernstein.


Crash, Wyatt and Pesto end up parenting some eggs as part of a school science project given to them by Coach Urkhart. After the science project, Crash becomes emotionally attached to his egg and refuses to dispose of it, which disrupts Wyatt and Pesto's plans to see an aircraft carrier pull into the harbor from their hangout. Meanwhile, Pesto tries to prove to Amanda that he can be a responsible parent, and Mel trains Cleo so that she can pass gym class.


  • Cole Jenson as Wyatt Berstein
  • Tim Lagasse as Crash
  • Landry Bender as Cleo Bernstein
  • Oana Gregory as Amanda Bernstein
  • Aaron R. Landon as Pesto


  • Crash talks like a angry tirade.
  • Crash dresses up as a construction worker, and a cowboy (because he gets a pony).
  • Crash Idiols Robert Downey Jr. .

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