“Crash the Man”
Season 1, Episode 24
Air Date

July 22, 2013


Doc Kemker


Sean Mulcahy

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Crash Asks Too Many Questions


Crash on the Run

 Crash the Man is the twenty-fourth episode of Crash and Bernstein.rerun in December of 2015 December 31 2015


Crash, Wyatt Bernstein, and Pesto do project were they try to speed up a shopping cart. Mr. Poulos appears as Wyatt hits a nail with a lady's shoe. Mr. Poulos stops him and asks Wyatt if he has any real tools which Wyatt replies that he lives with girls and his mother usually calls a guy or Mr. Poulos to fix something. Wyatt and Pesto launch Crash in the cart and he crashes into the building. When Mr. Poulos sees this, he puts a jar over his mouth and starts saying unknown words. After the theme song, Mr. Poulos takes the boys down to his boiler room where teaches them how to use tools. When Crash tries to drill some holes into a piece of wood, the drill spins him around and he crashes into a wall of tools. Mr. Poulos then teaches Pesto and Crash how to use a jackhammer. Crash turns it on and accidentally destroys the other side of the building. Crash who's shaking from the jackhammer says it wasn't him. At the apartment, Crash is still shaking from the jackhammer. Cleo Bernstein asks why he's shaking which makes Crash why she's shaking. Cleo says she just came to the kitchen to get a drink. Crash offers his drink and tries to open it, making Cleo run away. As the boys fix the building with plaster, Mr. Poulos and Roland watch them. As they talk, Crash jumps into the plaster which hardens him and says he's a statue. When Wyatt hears that Mr. Poulos and Roland, Wyatt tries to get them to take himself, Pesto, and Crash but Mr. Poulos refuses by saying that doing his work will turn them into men. Mr. Poulos hits Crash with a mallet and Crash enjoys it which depresses Mr. Poulos. Wyatt and Crash pull Crash's shoe out of the toilet(he flushed it when he stepped in dog poop) and Crash takes care of Roland's grandma's toenails(by chewing on her nails). When Cleo looks for her hairbrush, she finds Crash with chest and armpit hair. When she realizes its her hair, Cleo runs off and Crash says that her hair smell like old eggs. On the camping trip crash and wyatt meet Philedaphia Eagles player DeSean Jackson. Later Crash steals a bear's berries which gets the bear mad and attacks the camp and crash.