Crash vs. Flex is the sixteenth episode in Season 1 of the Disney XD show Crash & Bernstein.

Plot Edit

“Crash vs. Flex”
Season 1, Episode 16
Air Date

March 11, 2013


Lisa K. Nelson


Bruce Leddy

Episode Guide

“"Crash Jacked"”


“"Crashus Maximus"”

It's time for the school rummage sale and Crash and Wyatt are looking for things inside their closet to sell. As they look through, they find an old toy, called Flex Fletcher. As soon as Crash sees it he gets very jealous of Flex. He goes to great lengths in order to get rid of him, like trying to throw him off the roof on a boomerang, cooking him and so on. Meanwhile at the rummage sale, Wyatt finds a mansale, and finds a complete collection of Flex Fletcher items in mint condition, all but Flex himself. Crash sneakily steals Flex and sells him for 50 dollars. afterwards he pretends to not know where Flex is. He then inadvertently told Wyatt that he sold Flex. Later that day, Crash attempts to make it up to Wyatt by making a man out of gum, named Gumman. After this failed they try to get it back from the Man, Crash sold it to. After they try a sad story, and try to take it back by force, they learn that the man has over 15 girls living with him. Wyatt feels bad for him, and gives Flex to the man. Meanwhile, Amanda is trying to earn $80 so she can buy a pair of sunglasses. She starts a booth and charges kids $1 to talk to a real high school girl while Cleo runs a cotton candy booth.


Crash vs. Flex received 0.35 millions viewers.

The episode was directed by Bruce Leddy, who also directed 3 other Crash & Bernstein episodes. 

In this episode, it reveals that when Crash is either angry or jealous his eyes turn green.

Crash toasts his hand into a waffle.

Crash is a horrible negotiator.

This is the first episode where Crash fights for Wyatt's affection. The second is Like Father, Like Purple.

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