Season 1, Episode 14
Air Date

February 25, 2013


David Nichols


Bruce Leddy

Episode Guide

Cold Hard Crash


Crash Jacked

Crashtagion is the 14th episode of Crash and Bernstein.

Synopsis Edit

Mel and the girls are sick and Wyatt and Crash have to take care of them.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Wyatt revealing he is cured of the flu. He is excited to go on the camping trip and see a meteor shower. Cleo walks in saying she caught Wyatt's flu and vomits in the bathroom.

Wyatt says he does not like taking care of the girls and Amanda's not helping him. She is getting ready for date with a boy named Ransom.

Later, Crash is making soup for the girls and Amanda comes down with the flu. Wyatt and Crash can no longer go camping and have to take care of her, too.

Then, an upset Wyatt says the apartment is crawling with germs. Crash asks what germs are and Wyatt explains them to Crash. After Crash hears Mel on the baby monitor and thinks the germs turned her invisible.

Crash is then trying to fight off the germs and Amanda walks in. She explains to Crash that if he's around sick people, he'll get sick.

Crash tries to protect himself from the germs. Wyatt says he can't seal himself off to the rest of the world, and then Crash puts himself in a plastic bubble. Wyatt finds out the girls are feeling better and they can go on their camping trip. Crash refuses to go and Wyatt says he's no fun and leaves angrily.

Crash meets Wyatt at the arcade and says he's sorry. Then he feels weird and pukes in the bubble, then says he's hungry.

The episode ends with the girls making Crash think he's eating Wyatt.


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