“Educating Crash”
Season 1, Episode 4
Air Date

October 29, 2012


Mark Larsen


Bruce Leddy

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"Educating Crash" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Disney XD's Crash & Bernstein.

Synopsis Edit

Due to Crash turning the Bernstein sisters into nervous wrecks, Mel resolves to send him to school with Wyatt. However, Crash becomes scared straight after viewing a marathon of a prison show, and on his first day begins to notice the similarities between an average day of school and prison.


The episode starts off with Cleo and Amanda complaining about Crash's antics, so Mel decides to send Crash to school with Wyatt. The night before his first day, Crash stays up all night to watch a All-Night Marathon of "Scared Good". After watching this, he is scared stiff, and fears that school is prison for children. just before school time, Crash meets with Ms. Takashi, the middle school vice principal, and Rufus also known as "The Slapper". After getting his ID, and gym uniform, school bears uncanny resemblance to the prison in "Scared Good" and he warns Wyatt about his speculation. Wyatt plays along and accidentally 1-Ups Rufus, and Crash and Wyatt become super popular with the entire school. Wyatt then becomes the Snowboard Captain, and gains respect throughout the school campus. Ms. Takashi catches wind of a Crash and the insanity he is causing, and warns Crash of the trouble he is brewing and will be suspended if he continues. Crash then tries to lead the snowboard club to leave before school has ended. Wyatt then tells him that they can't leave until Ms. Takashi lets them. When he says this Crash overreacts and pulls the fire alarm, and the ink splatters all over Wyatt's hand and he takes the fall for Crash's misbehavior. Ms. Takashi watched the whole thing and tries to convince Wyatt to help suspend Crash, but Wyatt refuses and is drummed, quite literally out of Snowboard Club. While Wyatt takes the half hour of detention, Crash sews himself a bed. Unbeknownst to Cleo, Crash sliced open her bed and took half for his tiny mattress.



  • The episode title parodied the stage play Educating Rita and the film adaption of the same name
  • In the Streaming versions of this episode a small scene involving the Metal Detector and Crash's cannon was cut for unknown reasons.