“Flushed in Space”
Season 2, Episode 12
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Air Date

July 28, 2014


Eric Friedman
Jim Armogida
Steve Armogida


Brent Carpenter

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Flushed in Space is the twelfth episode of Season 2 and the 38th episode of Crash and Bernstein.


While on a field trip at the Bixby Spaceport owned by Trent Bixby, Crash talks his way onto a space shuttle by passing himself as a billionaire. He ends up dragging Wyatt, Pesto, and Amanda with him on a rocket trip with some other celebrities. Things go from bad to worse when Crash flushes himself out of the shuttle and into space during the flight and Trent, who just so happens to be piloting the rocket, hits his head on the ceiling and gets knocked out cold, putting everybody on the spacecraft in grave danger.


Cleo meets Trent Bixby's sister Sheela after Crash and Wyatt trick her off the shuttle.


  • Cole Jenson as Wyatt Berstein
  • Tim Lagasse as Crash
  • Landry Bender as Cleo Bernstein
  • Oana Gregory as Amanda Bernstein
  • Aaron R. Landon as Pesto


  • The logo on the Russian Space Station is blocked because it is the logo of the Soviet Union which is a sign of threat against American and Ukrainian people.
  • It is shown that Crash is able to breathe in outer space, which was also mentioned in a promo.