Full Name Gretchen Phlerger
Gender Female
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Family Gerry (son)
First Episode Release the Crashen
Last Episode Health-O-Ween
Portrayed By Katya Lidsky
Gretchen Phlerger is the mother of Gerry and is very similar to her son.


Like her son, Gretchen is very annoying and can sometimes be rude. She can be very sweet and is very artistic. When Crash Bernstein knocks over some shelves of pottery, she gets very angry and yells at Mel, Crash, and Wyatt to get out which makes Gretchen and her son to stop seeing them.

Release the CrashenEdit

When she first met Mel she puted hand sanitizer before shaking her hand and gave her flowers and took the pot that it was in. After realizing how annoying and terrible Gretchen is, Mel apologized to Wyatt and crash for making them hang out with Gerry and then tries to ignore them .


  • It's unknown if Gretchen's husband passed away or if they got divorced, but one thing for sure is that it makes sense why they would divorce.
  • Gretchen doesn't like what other people's art works look like.
  • She's a lot worse then her son Gerry.
  • She puts hand sanitizer on people's hands before she shakes them.
  • Gretchen always gives a piece of pottery an extremely long name and long story.
  • Gretchen has a sister.
  • Gretchen doesn't like the way her son Gerry works on the chimes.
  • Gretchen doesn't like Halloween or jokes. She's basically similar to the Grinch during October because she doesn't like Halloween and wants to ruin the holiday for others.

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