Lola the Puppet was a puppet who Crash thought was alive and was in love with until Crash knew the truth. Crash was in love with her so much he did anything for her, including getting her free wings, and he even shared his feelings by writing "LOLA" on the building but changing it to "LOL" because he was so hungry he licked off the "A".


Lola with Crash at the Arcade


Lola was a puppet controlled by the Puppeteer and he made her sound like a tomboyish, loving and kind puppet to Crash. When Wyatt Bernstein uses a sock as Lola's husband, Lola tries to tell the truth but it backfires when the Puppeteer reveals that Lola isn't alive.


  • Lola is voiced by her puppeteer
  • Lola was the second doll that Crash fell in love with besides Princess Glitter.
  • Lola's weapon is a club
Full Name Lola
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Relationships Crash (ex boyfriend) Wyatt (enemie)

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