“Merry Crashenfest”
Season 2, Episode 8
Air Date

December 3, 2013


Jon Ross


Sean Mulcahy

Episode Guide

Like Father, Like Purple


Duck, Duck, Crash

Merry Crashenfest is the eighth episode of Season 2 and the 34th episode of Crash and Bernstein.


When Crash learns that the Bernstein family does not celebrate Christmas, he is outraged, and decides to make his own holiday. While finding ideas he decides that the holiday shall be a day to worship jelly, and that you can do whatever you want.Unfortunately, no one else (Besides Cleo, who is making cash off of selling Crash old junk for "decorations".) wants to help Crash celebrate. They give in, and join Crash for his Crashenfest Feast, which turns out to be in the bathroom. After Mel has a meltdown and bans Crashenfest from the house, Crash decides to have a party on the patio.

The Bernsteins are not outside joining the party, but instead waiting for their Aunt Biddy, a woman, who apparently lives on Karl's side of the family, and makes incredibly scratchy sweaters. While Mel is cooking food, the others join in on the fun outside, and are caught. After a quick scolding, and a Crudsworth the Crashenfest Beaver accident, the Bernsteins are alerted by Crash that Aunt Biddy missed her flight, and is not coming. In the end Crash disguises himself as Aunt Biddy, and wriggles his way into blowing up a Jelly Volcano. In the episode's epilogue the entire Personality Crash Crew sing the Crashenfest Carol.


  • Because the Bernstein family celebrates Hannukah, this episode confirms they are Jewish.
  • Crash kind of liked Aunt Biddy's perfume when he smelled it.


  • During the jelly volcano eruption, Jasmine disappears throughout the ending.

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