Season 1 ( 2012 - 13)

1 22 May 7 2012 TBA

Maya is absent for S1xep4 s1xep8 s1xep 9 s1xep10 s1xep11 12

No in


No in


Title Origanal

air date

Production code
1 1 Desert island'' May 7 2012 101

when maya and riyla go on adventure to stop the evil pirate ship fromn

dseroying the relm.

2 2 The under seige May 18 2012 102

Jessie (nikki kang) tries to handle riyla and maya

Geust stars: nikki kang as jessie

3 3 catch the blood snake May 25 2012 106

Maya and riyla and jessie try to catch a snake that lives in the wild but it fallls into

the wrong hands and they take a jet and take it back to the wild in the southern

United states.

4 4 The plege to gaurd June 21 2012 103

jessie and riyla need help babysitting abrey ( jasmine jennings)

after mike ( karl rogers ) abrey's dad goes on a tour for 14 hours.

Absent: mia ferao as maya

Geust stars: jasmine jennings as abrey // Karl rogers as aber'ys dad

5 5 Go to secrets June 28 2012 107

Maya's mom is keeping a secret from her and she will

not tell maya or riyla or abrey.

Note: this episode reavels maya's mother this three part

Summer event is about maya's mother is giong have a baby.

6 6 Go to the secrets ( part 2 June 29 2012

She has to go to have to go to the hospitail and maya does'nt want

a boy. the name is bob . maya starts getting fustated riyla will comfert her.

7 7 Go to the secets part 3 July 2 2012

After the boy is born the family has received news that there

old arch rival zane is back . they must fight back to save there family.

8 8 Feeling music July 29 2012
9 9 Always nothing August 12 2012
10 10 Spy traning September 29 2012
11 - 12 11 - 12 Baby has powers part 1,2 October 4 2012

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