Mr. Poulos
Crash and Bernstein UPCOMING EPISODE
Full Name Martin Poulos
Nickname(s) Mr. Poulos
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Job Plumber
First Episode Crash Lands
Last Episode Monkey Business
Portrayed By Danny Woodburn

Marty Poulos is the apartment's handyman. he has a swear jar, which hasn't appered in recent episodes. He has a bad temper, and can explode in anger. He has short term memory loss depicted in Home Alone... with Crash after he forgets to shut the ventilation shaft.


  • He is allegric to his grandma.
  • He has superhero tights.
  • Mr. Poulos gets manicures.
  • He has a swearing jar.
  • He is "The Plunger"
  • He went to plumbing college.
  • Mr. Poulos's favorite sandwich is salami on rye.
  • He likes tarts.
  • Mr. Poulos is short.
  • Mr. Poulos has a sister.
  • Actor danny woodburn.
  • His first name is Marty Poulos , as revealed in the episode Monster Crash.
  • He tried to marry Ms. Lopez, but decided the wedding is off in the episode Cold Hard Crash.
  • He was Mr. October while he took the plumbing job.