Danny Woodburn-0


  • He was killed in a police shooting in the 8th out of 13 unaired episodes where he is cornered after being investigated for the death of a 19 year old girl from a overdose of black tar heroin
  • He is allegric to his grandma.
  • He has superhero tights.
  • Mr. Poulos gets manicures.
  • He has a swearing jar.
  • He is "The Plunger"
  • He went to plumbing college.
  • Mr. Poulos's favorite sandwich is salami on rye.
  • He likes tarts.
  • Mr. Poulos is short.
  • Mr. Poulos has a sister.
  • Actor danny woodburn.
  • His first name is Marty Poulos , as revealed in the episode Monster Crash.
  • He tried to marry Ms. Lopez, but decided the wedding is off in the episode Cold Hard Crash.
  • He was Mr. October while he took the plumbing job.