Full Name Samuel Oliver Banks
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 5,1999

(age 17)

Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family Unknown mother (mentioned), unknown brother (mentioned), unknown sister (mentioned)
Relationships Wyatt Bernstein (best friend), Crash Bernstein (friend), Amanda Bernstein (one-sided relashinship)
School(s) Linus Pauling Senior High

Season 1 Grade : Sophomore Season 2 Grade : Junior

Portrayed By Aaron Landon
(age 16)

Samuel Oliver "Pesto" Banks is a best friend of Wyatt and Crash and has a crush on Amanda Bernstein while Cleo Bernstein has a crush on him. His parents own Iconic Arcade which is where he works. He used to hate Crash, but now seems to be somewhat friends with him.


Pesto was nice to Wyatt but mean to Crash at first. However, he later became good friends with Crash after realizing how rude he was. When he's around Amanda, he gets all flirty but not with Cleo. He can get pretty nervous and scared sometimes. He is very romantic especially when it comes to girls. 


  • Pesto is played by Aaron R. Landon.
  • Pesto has a crush on Amanda but doesn't know that Cleo has a crush on him.
  • He works at a Arcade because his parents own it

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