“Release the Crashen”
Season 1, Episode 12
Air Date

February 11, 2013


Erinnie Dobson & Shannon Fopeano


Sean Mulcahy

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Shorty Crash


Cold Hard Crash

Mel makes Crash and Wyatt hang out with Gerry, an annoying and rude kid. When Gerry's mom, Gretchen starts hanging out with Mel, she and the boys must try to figure how to stop hanging out with them.


Mel is trying to put Crash inside the bathtub, but Crash refuses because he needs to store up six days of stink. Jasmine came and picked a lollipop out of Crash's body. She began to lick it, but it tastes gross. Mel thinks she might separate the candy out of Crash, so she pulled one of them out of him and pushes him into the bathtub. However, Crash was holding on the shower curtain rail, so Mel tickled him. Crash began to fall into the bathtub, causing him to panic, but he paused and he thinks it's quite nice. Crash is singing while in the bath, making Mel annoyed. After Crash is done taking a bath, he and Wyatt decided to do some "me" time, but Mel decided to put them into "helping others" time. Wyatt doesn't want to do it, so Mel told him that a new family moved downstairs. The next day, a kid named Gerry came in Wyatt's apartment and annoys around with Crash and Wyatt. Few hours later, Gerry is still not leaving the apartment and he said he might leave in a couple of hours. Meanwhile, Mel opens the door, revealing Gerry's mom named Gretchen. Gretchen gives Mel a vase of flowers, and she also wants to invite Mel into her pottery studio. When Mel is back from Gretchen's pottery studio, she thinks Gretchen is annoying her. Mel told Wyatt that Gretchen invites them to her studio for a "clay date", and she will accept Gretchen's clay date. As Mel, Wyatt, and Crash enter in Gretchen's pottery studio, Crash plays with Gerry's wind chimes. Then, Crash began to speak the "language of annoying" to Gerry and Gretchen, but he ends up pushing Gretchen's pottery shelves, causing them to fall. Gretchen becomes furious and told Mel, Crash, and Wyatt to leave. Meanwhile, Crash is playing "World of Duty" (a parody of Call of Duty) until he hears a doorbell. Crash tries to ignore it, but the doorbell rang for the second time and Crash left. As the door opens, it is revealed that Jasmine was ringing the doorbell and tricked Crash and grabs the controller to play World of Duty.






young Mel (sometimes)

Cleo (one appearance only)



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  • The title parodies the quote "release the kraken" from Clash of the Titans
  • In this episode, we see what Mel looks like when she was young.
  • Cleo only makes one appearance in this episode.
  • In this episode, Crash seems to start liking bathes after he was put in the bathtub.
  • mel when shes young refences high school musical another disney movie
  • World of duty could be a parody of Call Of Duty

Goofs Edit

After Crash pulled out his sword to pop the bubble from pooping it out, Mel disappeared in the second shot when Wyatt and Cleo are hiding in the sofa.

Jasmine disappeared after Mel checks the door.

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