“Scaredy Crash”
Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date

October 15, 2012


T. Sean Shannon


Robbie Countryman

Episode Guide

Crash Lands


Coach Crash

Scaredy Crash is the second episode of the Crash & Bernstein series. The episode first broadcast on October 15, 2012.


The episode begins with Crash and Wyatt eating breakfast. Crash questions about the cereal he's eating being made from bears and Mel replies with a no, adding that gingerbread cookies aren't made from elf meat. Crash discovers Wyatt's phobia of bugs due to a past traumaizing Halloween incident as Wyatt accidentally put a Tarantula in his mouth. Then Crash gets a phobia of moustaches after going to the doctor's and getting a shot. The two then face their fears after a Portland celebrity, Tug Fly the Bug Guy comes to their school. Meanwhile, Amanda watches a horror movie, "Bloody Butcher 2: Chop House of Gore" as Mel lies about going to see it and Amanda goes and sees it anyway, and gets a phobia of meat. Then Amanda and Mel tell each other the truth and Mel goes see it and knows it is a really scary movie, and she finds Crash making a sandwich and starts overreacting about being a good parent.



  • The title is a reference to a "scaredy cat", someone who is being paranoid. 
  • Tug Fly the Bug Guy is a reference to Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • the cookies brand are a refrence to Keebler because mel quotes :elf meet


  • When the scorpion appeared on Cleo's bed, she ran out to get her mom leaving the door open but in the next shot, the door was closed, but nobody closed the door.

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