“Shorty Crash”
Season 1, Episode 11
Air Date

February 4, 2013


Jim Armogida & Steve Armogida


Brent Carpenter

Episode Guide

Crash Crush


Release the Crashen

Shorty Crash is the eleventh episode of Crash & Bernstein.


Crash goes through extreme measures in order to make himself taller after being turned away from riding on a roller coaster called the Decapitator, but then learns about the benefits of being short from Mr. Poulos. Wyatt attempts to make it through Picture Day without hurting himself under threat from Mel that she'll give the $100 he gets from Grandma Rose to charity. This proves to be difficult when he gets gum caught on his hair as Amanda tries to fix it before Picture Day. Meanwhile, Cleo tries her first make-up project that makes Mel's face partially purple due to an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients of the make-up.


  1. Tim Lagase as Crash Bernstien
  2. Cole Jensson as Wyatt Bernstein


  • Crash eats a chili cheese dog, tuna melt, smoothie and tuna melt smoothie before going on the Decapitator.
  • This is the first episode where Crash has his head off and is still alive.


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