“The Nosejob Job”
Season 2, Episode 1
Air Date

October 7, 2013


Eric Friedman


Bruce Leddy

Episode Guide

Crash on the Run




Crash gets stuff from the garbage for a "Smell Smoothie" because he has a new nose. When he tries to shot some snot at Wyatt Bernstein, his nose fells down the drain and gets ruined. Later, Pesto arrives and the boys decide to play video games but Wyatt's sisters take over the apartment. Wyatt decides that they should find a new place to which Pesto agrees. Crash is seen with a new nose and says that he has more noses in a jewelry case which he calls a "Nose Purse." Wyatt wants try one of his noses but Crash refuses by saying that he keeps jelly in one of his noses. When Wyatt asks why keeps jelly in his noses, Crash asks if he wants some which Wyatt says no and Crash says that's why he keeps it in his nose. Wyatt says that they should hang out of the apartment but a group of bad boys kick them out. Crash tries to find a new place to hangout. For example, under his bed, a cat's liter box, and an abandoned sewer pipe don't work perfectly for a hangout.Amanda Bernstein takes pictures of herself and Pesto tries to help but it doesn't go as planned. Wyatt finds the perfect place to hangout which is near a fireworks factory and the boys clean up the place into their hangout. Cleo Bernstein is having a hard time trying to figure out who to invite for a dance party. She then makes a deal with Jasmine Bernstein who thinks that she'll now buy a unicorn with the Tooth Fairy's money and the other price that she made with Cleo. Meanwhile, the boys try to figure out a name for the hangout but the bad boys take over their hangout. Crash tries to get rid of them but it fails. Amanda and Pesto both become models while Cleo and Jasmine throw an elevator dance party. Wyatt and Crash decide to get their hangout back but their army of younger boys retreat. When the bad boy leader says bloody nose, Wyatt takes Crash's jelly filled nose making it look like a bloody nose and the bad boys leave. Crash congratulates Wyatt and tries to put on his face slam nose but Wyatt says he looks fine without a nose. In the end, Crash says his story by playing a ukulele but Wyatt breaks it making Crash finish his story without it.