The theme song plays after about two to three minutes during every episode.

Crash and Bernstein Theme Song00:46

Crash and Bernstein Theme Song


Let me tell you about the Bernsteins...

(Crash smashes the TV)

Crash: Yo, I'ma let you finish but, ding-dong!
Wyatt: Who's that?
Crash: Yo, it's Crash at the door
Don't wait for you to open
Kick it down

Both: Hardcore!

Crash: I'm green with a 'tude
Where your mom hide the food?
Wyatt: In the fridge
Crash: I'ma eat it
then we tear it up, dude
Wyatt: No makeup or feelings
Tea parties or dolls
Crash: Now it's ninjas and football
And face slams!
Wyatt: Good call.

Crash: Crash and Bern...



Crash: What he said
Crash and Bern...

Wyatt: ...Stein
Crash: What he said
It's four against awesome
But awesome gotta sword
Wyatt: I'll be grounded forever!
Crash: That's what friends are for
Crash and Bern...

Wyatt: ...stein
Crash: Crash and Bern...
Wyatt: I said Stein!
Crash: What he said.
(Crash laughs)

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