The theme song plays after about two to three minutes during every episode.

Crash and Bernstein Theme Song

Crash and Bernstein Theme Song


Let me tell you about the Bernsteins...

(Crash breaks through the TV)

Crash: Yo, I'ma let you finish but, ding dong!
Wyatt: Who's that?
Crash: Yo, it's Crash at the door
Don't wait for you to open kick it down

Both: Hardcore!

Crash: I'm purple with a 'tude
Where your mom hide the food?
Wyatt: In the fridge
Crash: I'ma eat it
then we tear it up, dude
Wyatt: No makeup or feelings
Tea parties or dolls
Crash: Now it's ninjas and football
And face slams!
Wyatt: Good call.

Crash: Crash and Burn...



Crash: What he said
Crash and Bern...

Wyatt: ...Stein

Crash: What he said
It's four against awesome
But awesome gotta sword
Wyatt: I'll be grounded forever!
Crash: That's what friends are for
Crash and Bern...

Wyatt: ...stein
Crash: Crash and Bern...
Wyatt: I said Stein!
Crash: What he said.
(Crash laughs as he flies into the twin towers and plays Fortnite with wyatt)

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