“Trash & Bernstein”
Season 2, Episode 4
Air Date

October 28, 2013


Jim Armogida
Steve Armogida
Natalie Barbrie
Tim Brenner
Eric Friedman
David Kemker
Mike Larsen
Jon Ross


Sean Mulcahy

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Trash & Bernstein is the fourth episode of Season 2 and the 30th episode of Crash & Bernstein.

reruns december 2015

original run October 8 2012 until August 11 2014


Wyatt, Crash, and Pesto compete against Cleo's team in a cup-stacking competition run by Coach Urkhart. Outside the competition, Crash starts to use the garbage gathered in the hangout where the toxic fumes start to affect Crash's brain and makes him think that the trash heap is talking to him. Meanwhile, Amanda sprains her ankle and Pesto waits on her which affects his training for the cup-stacking competition.


  • Cole Jenson as Wyatt Berstein
  • Tim Lagasse as Crash
  • Landry Bender as Cleo Bernstein
  • Oana Gregory as Amanda Bernstein
  • Aaron R. Landon as Pesto


  • The title is based the show itself.
  • Crash is used as a football.
  • Crash eats a magnet and gets sqaushed by a washing machince.
  • Crash is a good drumer.
  • There's a musical number called Junk Man sang by Crash and Trash.
  • Few fans hated this episode as Cleo beat Wyatt.