Wyatt Bernstein
Wyatt Bernstein
Full Name Wyatt Tyler Bernstein
Nickname(s) Wy-Guy (by Mel Bernstein)


Gender Male
Date of Birth October 8, 1999 (age 17)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Family Mel Bernstein (mother)
Karl Bernstein (father)
Amanda Bernstein (sister)
Cleo Bernstein (sister)
Jasmine Bernstein (sister)
Crash (adopted brother/best friend)
Relationships Pesto (best friend)
School(s) Linus Pauling Junior High School
First Episode Crash Lands
Portrayed By Cole Jensen

Wyatt Tyler Bernstein is a 17-year old boy among three sisters who wishes to have a brother. Wyatt is the middle child in the Bernstein family and previously the only dude, resulting in his sisters taking him somewhere girly for his birthday. He is one of the two main protagonists on the show . For his thirteen birthday, his sister took him to the Build-A-Bestie Workshop, where he built Crash as the brother he always wanted. Wyatt is often exasperated by Crash's antics, especially when they get him or somebody else in trouble. He is played and voiced by Cole Jensen.


Wyatt lives in Portland, Oregon, in an apartment with three sisters and his mom. His dad, Karl Bernstein, is a wildlife photographer, resulting in him being far away from home most of the time. Every year on his birthday, his sisters would take him to a girly place. When Wyatt turned thirteen, he was taken by Amanda, Cleo, and Jasmine to the Build-A-Bestie Workshop, where he built a puppet he named Crash as the brother he always wanted. Wyatt currently attends junior high school with Pesto and Crash, and has to share a room with Cleo.


  • Wyatt hates mayonnaise.
  • According to Wikia User I Like Clarence 100, Wyatt is one of the founding members of the band "Portland".

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